The past five years have seen unprecedented changes as global financial and economic upheaval have affected every government and its citizens. The “lessons learned” from these events will affect your government’s investment planning for the next 5- 10 years. Participants in this course will be exposed to proven efficient approaches that improve the performance and delivery of government services, create higher levels of citizen satisfaction, end bureaucratic inefficiencies, and improve fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Through presentations, case studies, role-playing, simulated exercises and on-site meetings with experts and practitioners, participants will learn to develop their own Public Sector Management Action Plan for programs at the national (ministerial), gubernatorial, and municipal levels.

Learning Outcomes:

Assessing the new global financial and economic landscape and its impact on governments worldwide
Evaluating what new policies and regulations need to be put in place to increase government accountability and transparency
Illustrating how to identify and mitigate corruption through the introduction of advanced accountability and auditing tools
Applying new revenue sourcing and cost recovery tools and techniques
Illustrating how to forecast operational budgets and asset purchases in uncertain environments
Creating your own Public Sector Management Action Plan for your ministry state or municipal government